The attention of the Council has been drawn to the fact that some prospective Interns have been posted to places by the National Service Secretariat other than where  Council approved for the NSS/Internship.

All persons affected should contact the Council with the following information for remedial action to be taken.

  1. Full Name
  2. School attended
  3. NSS PIN
  4. Place of Posting
  5. Profession

The requested information should be sent to the Registrar by email at and copied to

It must be noted that, Interns are not  to report to their places of postings until they have been inducted by the Council and issued with Provisional Certificates. The Induction dates will be communicated shortly.

All other information or clarification about the postings and the Induction should be sent to the Registrar by email or phone on 0302 690735-7



Dr. Samuel Yaw Opoku


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