Foreign-trained registration

Foreign-trained Allied Health Professionals are required by the law establishing the Council to register before they are allowed to practice in the Country.

Foreign-trained professionals must obtain a primary qualification acceptable to the Board of the Council.

Applicants in this category must present scanned copies of their transcripts and certificates to the Council via email to for a pre-assessment test.

Qualified applicants after pre-assessment will receive a softcopy of the registration forms.

Successful applicants are expected to fill the form, pay the required fee and present the forms to the Council for the registration process to commence.

Council will as part of its quality control verify all documents presented for registration. The Council reserves the right to discontinue the registration process until all responses to verification requests are received.

It is important to state that applicants who fail the pre-assessment test will be denied registration and hence will not receive the registration forms.

Depending on the outcome of the review, an applicant may go through one of the following.

  • Outright issuance of a license
  • Pass an interview organized by the Council before the issuance of the license
  • Pass the Council licensure examination before the issuance of the license
  • Undertake internship and pass the Council’s licensure examination before issuance of the license

Foreign-trained non-Ghanaians, in addition to the above requirements, must show evidence of a work permit before they are issued their permanent license.

Kindly see the fee schedule for the charges.



All requests for credential verification of Allied Health Professionals should be addressed to the Registrar via email at and copy and must include the following:

  • Name of professional
  • Professional’s registration PIN
  • Programme of study
  • Scan copy of License